Embracing the Key Ingredients to a more Fulfilling Life is a personal development journey through the cuisines of the world, that taught me to let go and be more ME. And it’s like nothing you’ve ever read.

Measure, Mix & Marinate

As women, we are so good at caring for others that we often add too many extra ingredients that aren’t serving us or those who rely on us.

Too much salt? Not enough spice?

How does the recipe of your life taste?

Learn simple tips to gain more control over your time, optimize your energy and feel good about how you show up.

or feeling exhausted with few results.

Stop telling yourself you're not good enough

You can also use it to guide your own family theme dinners!

Everything you need to host a fun and introspective book club, including a music playlist and food/beverage pairing ideas based on the book.

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    "This book is undoubtedly one for readers seeking a relatable, insightful journey through re-evaluating life's essential ingredients and priorities. The author certainly offers a lot for readers to consider with light, easy-to-read pages and a blend of real-life and motivational points to ponder. I would recommend it to fans of memoirs and motivational self-help books alike."

    Relatable and Down-to-Earth Inspiration

    - Jessica

    "The reader is reminded that sometimes goals change and following a recipe does not always yield the expected result. But... sometimes the unanticipated result turns out to be even better than what was originally planned or expected. Rewards come from going for it and enjoying and learning from what happens along the way. A key takeaway from Measure Mix & Marinate is to not forget to take the best parts and key ingredients with you as your journey continues and you go after what you decide to do next.

    Learn from what you do, mix it up, and keep doing!

    - StoreyBook

    "This book melds home and work life, and there are so many examples that one could derive some sort of "ah-ha" moment. I appreciated her insight into how to work with a team and to bring them all together on the same page. It really is all about listening and asking the right questions."

    Listen and ask probing questions is the underlying message in this book

    - LAWonder

    "​She offers great insights on avoiding disasters, creating unity, and offers truly great ideas in Goal setting. She compares each family cooking occasion to emphasize the point she is making in that chapter. It is very clever and interesting how she blends the two situations. She made a very profound statement that "you don't have to hit your goal, for your efforts to be worth it". I offer a Five Stars + rating for this Book and author."

    5.0 out of 5 stars A delightful, insightful self help, leadership, service book + MORE!

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