The Princess Bride
Everything except country
Hiking or body surfing
Whatever team my kids are on
sports team
Anything with fruit

A few of my Favorite Things

I’ve been coaching individuals and teams to rethink their circumstances since 1998. My curiosity for people and what drives them began as a child trying to discover what I could get passionate about - I wanted to be adored for being great at something. Turns out I'm great at helping others step into their greatness!

My undergraduate study of thought patterns and their relationships to outcomes brought tremendous success as I led high performing teams in my corporate career. But outside of work, life was hectic and I was an overwhelmed mom. As I left that career to regain control and enhance my relationships with my teenage sons, I was called to coach women to slow down, so that they can be more. By finding themselves again, they can create better connections with their maturing kids and their partners, reinvigorate their career and sense of purpose, and lead a life they love rather than a life they settle for.  When you are intentional about where you spend your time and energy and how you are showing up, you become the master of your own happiness.

My favorite part of my job is learning from the experiences and perspectives of incredible women, and getting a break from my all male household (including my pets!). When I’m not coaching you’ll find me enjoying the great outdoors, listening to live music, and traveling.

Coach, Cheerleader and Adventurer

Hey, I'm Cheryl

Let's create more peace, together!